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October 30, 2012
'Interdependencies' Solo Exhibition at Dunlop Art Gallery, Sherwood Branch
November 3, 2012 - January 10, 2013

A collection of richly textured portraits of the natural world.

Her pieces urge viewers to assume a quietly contemplative state of “active witnessing,” favouring experiential and emotional engagement over detached analysis, a type of viewership that echoes the artist’s own processes. To create her works, Cole first takes photographs of close-up details of trees and lichen-covered rocks, which are printed onto fine silks and crisp cottons. The photo textiles are then hand-painted by the artist, who enlivens the images with vibrant colours that emphasize subtle gradations in shade and tone. Cole finally completes each piece by carefully outlining and embellishing the details of her subjects in thread, articulating the contour and texture of the leaves, needles, bark and lichens with whom she shares the land.

(Image: Maple 2, 2009, digital image on unbleached cotton, Setacolor fabric paint, assorted thread; 60 x 22"; $4,000.)

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