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March 23, 2013
'Spread' Solo Exhibition at Dunlop Art Gallery, Sherwood Branch
March 23 - May 23 2013

Reminiscent of lavish Victorian fixtures, Laganse’s furniture pieces are ergonomically built for the body, but with ceramic bowl-like catchments placed at the wrist, leg or neck of its sitter, positioning them for the purging of blood through acts such as medical bloodletting. Historically thought to be the cure for a slew of ailments, bloodletting was a medical procedure allowing the drainage of ‘excess’ or ‘diseased’ blood, but is now thought to have had a purgative placebo effect on patients. 'Sideboard' and 'Sweatbreads', for example, position their would-be sitters in an upright position, neck exposed, as if awaiting the pleasure-seeking bite of a vampire. Playing with a pop culture obsession with the legendary vampire as well as common anxieties associated with blood, Laganse highlights visceral and tenuous boundaries between attraction and repulsion as well as with pleasure and pain.

Mindful of the bodily cycles of ingestion and elimination, Laganse unnervingly names these works in association to food. ‘Jamonera’, for example, is the wooden fixture that holds a leg of Spanish cured ham and ‘scrag end’ is a cut of meat from the neck of a lamb. Through this work, Laganse grapples with a human preoccupation with consumption and release.

Originally from Winnipeg, Carmela Laganse currently resides in Regina. She has exhibited widely throughout Canada, the USA and internationally. In 2010, her work was included in the Gardiner Museum’s critically acclaimed exhibition, 'Breaking Boundaries'. Laganse has an active teaching record and extensive experience working in the studios of Canadian universities and residency centres. She holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba and a MFA from Ohio University.

Curated by: Wendy Peart
Organised by the Dunlop Art Gallery

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